Top 5 Quick Weight Loss Tips to Have You Get in Shape Fast!

Are you having trouble losing weight? Here are 5 great weight loss tips that will help you achieve that weight loss break through! Read on for these simple and easy to follow steps that can get you the quick weight loss results you dream of!

1. Announce your weight loss plan to your friends and family

Make your weight loss plan and goals public. By doing so, you will not only pressure yourself to persevere but your friends and family would be great an emotional support network. Encouragement and optimism are key factors in successful weight loss goals.

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2. Get a food and exercise journal

Jot down your daily calorie intake. This will help you to be more aware of what you are putting into your mouth. It also helps you keep track of how much calorie you have already taken in for the day. Planning is of tremendous help as it gives u specific goals and targets to be reached. Also pen down the exercises you have done and the calories expanded.

3. Have freshly cut fruits instead of juices

Though freshly squeezed juices packed as much of goodies as the freshly cut fruits, they are often packed with more calories. This is because, to make one glass of say, apple juice, it would require about 3 apples. Hence unconsciously, you would be consuming 3 times as much calorie than you would if you eat the apple in its solid form. Also, many pre-packed fruit juices in the supermarket are made from concentrates and also loaded with extra sugar. Hence, eating freshly cut fruits is always the best choice.

4. Do not stick to one type of food

Eat a variety of healthy food. Do not merely stick to a certain diet (eg fruits diet). Just solely eating fruits will deprive you of other essential nutrients such as proteins. Eating a wide range of food from whole grains to lean meats to fruits and vegetables would protect you from any deficiencies and benefits your health greatly.

5. Do quick exercises during TV commercials

Make use of these time wasters and do short bursts of exercises! Simply do some sit ups (abs) and dips (triceps) while waiting for your program to come on! Do you know that by doing so you can in fact burn up to 40% more calories than if you just rest and watch TV?

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