Weight Loss Motivation - What is Involved?

We all know that it is very possible to lose weight. Nearly every book, diet regime and fitness plan works if you actually take part in these plans to lose weight. You step on the scale and do not like what you see and when you pull those jeans on in the morning they sure do feel tight. You know you should lose weight and you know there is help and guidance available to you, but you simply are lacking the weight loss motivation. How do you get the motivation to begin, to stay on course and most importantly, to actually lose the amount of weight you wish to lose?

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One of the best methods for weight loss motivation is as you are working on losing weight you should reward yourself (with non-food rewards of course) as you go along. This reward can be something like a lazy day watching movies or something that you buy yourself such as a new pair of shoes.

Another weight loss motivation technique that works is to keep track of your progress as you go along. Simply write down your weight in a notebook along with the dates. By seeing how far you have come along, you are far more likely to revert back to your old habits.

A trick that works with weight loss motivation also is to recognize those times that you partake in emotional eating. Do you overeat when you are sad or angry? You must be honest with yourself and learn to recognize when you are eating just because you are sad and angry. This will allow you to stop yourself before you slide into this self-destructive pattern.

Many successful dieters have said that their weight loss motivation is very dependent on their family and peers, meaning there will always be people who tell you that it is OK to go off you diet just 'this once'. The problem is that 'this once' will happen over and over again. If you see this is happening to you, either avoid that person or have a serious discussion with that person, asking them not to encourage you to stray from your weight loss plan.

A great weight loss motivation technique that works for many people is to keep visual reminders of their goals. This involves taking an old photograph of yourself when you were slimmer and put it in key places in your home as a motivator. Attach the photo to the refrigerator door or perhaps tape it to your closet door. Whenever you see that picture of yourself looking slim and trim, you will be motivated to stay on track.

Weight loss motivation also can be exercised by socializing with thin people who do not overeat. There is a saying that goes something like this: "If you socialize with nine broke people you will probably end up being the tenth one broke and if you hang out with nine wealthy people you will probably end up being the tenth rich person". The same thing is true when losing weight. You do not have to ignore your overweight friends but you should not allow their bad habits to rub off on you.

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