HGH and Weight Loss - How HGH Helps You Lose Weight

The human growth hormone is a natural substance secreted by the pituitary gland. HGH levels are abundant during youth, but as we age the body produces lesser and lesser HGH. HGH and weight loss are known to be associated. In fact, one of the most important benefits that attract people to HGH supplement therapy is weight loss.

What is the relationship between HGH and weight loss? How does HGH help you in losing weight? To answer this, let us look at how HGH works in the body. The HGH works by increasing the level of IGF-1 that your liver secretes. IGF-1 is a substance that helps prevent insulin from distributing glucose to the cells. Normally, after eating, the pancreas releases the necessary amount of insulin in order to transform the carbohydrates you have used up to glucose. This glucose is then either stored into fat cells or used for energy. Increasing the level of IGF-1 through HGH will prevent insulin from storing the said glucose into fat cells. When this happens, your body is forced to burn fat as your energy source.

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In normal cases, the body uses all of its glucose supply first before using up fat reserves. What HGH does is it forces your body to burn energy from the fat reserves first. This results to loss in fat and significant weight loss. Moreover, since HGH forces your body to burn fat as energy source, you can lose weight even during your inactive periods - yes, even when you are sleeping (energy is needed here as well!) Many people report that, when taking HGH, it is possible to eat large amounts of food without worrying about gaining weight.

Equally important is the ability of HGH to grow new muscle cells. Normally, humans stop producing new muscle cells and tissues after puberty. To increase muscle size, our best shot is to do some weight training and exercise, but all these do not lead to muscle growth. HGH can help increase the number of muscle cells you have, so you do not have to do as much weight training. You do not only lose weight with HGH but you increase muscle density for a well-defined, attractive and healthier looking body.

Another important effect of HGH is its ability to increase energy levels and metabolism. If you look at how children are in terms of energy and metabolism, you can actually experience as much energy with HGH as you did when you were young. As you know, increase in metabolism translates to increase in fat loss. The combination of HGH and weight loss then seems to replace the need to diet and to watch your food intake.

Let us summarize the topic on HGH and weight loss. With HGH, it is possible to lose weight even without exercise. It promotes healthy fat loss, increases strength, develops lean muscles and promotes overall health. There are no reported adverse side effects of using HGH for weight loss. However, it is very important to take HGH supplements only as directed.

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