Rapid Weight Loss Diets - Don't Make These Boo-Boos While Choosing to Lose Weight Quickly

In a hurry to lose weight?

Looking for rapid weight loss diets?

Attracted towards the latest sucker that promises you to srip that fat off your body?

Let's get the facts straight. On an average, Americans spend $33 billion dollars on fad diets and weight loss supplements.

Find out with me the list of rapid weight-loss diets that are currently being marketed.

1. Starvation Diets: Have you heard of "master cleanse"? These are pretty much starvation diets that sell on the "detoxification" factor.

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2. Weight-Loss Pills and Supplements: Needless to say there are thousands of these weight loss pills and supplements. And since the FDA does not regulate these products, every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be a weight-loss expert with their exaggerated claims and testimonials.

3. Very Low-Calorie Diets (VLCD): These are diets that are carefully supervised and monitored. For a number of weeks, participants are just given half of their everyday calorie requirement. Though these diets can be effective, they are quite expensive and very difficult to follow.

Do Rapid Weight Loss Diets Work?

Usually rapid weight loss diets bring in a host of health issues like gallstones, fatigue, dehydration, constipation, headaches etc. Of the diets mentioned above, VLCD is the better option. However they are very expensive and unaffordable to the common man.

The problem with other diets is that they may work short term and help you lose weight, but they hardly work long term. Remember, gimmicks don't work, and nothing can beat a sound combination of a well balanced nutritious diet with a good exercise regimen.

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