Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau and Boost Your Metabolism Again in 4 Simple Steps

In this article you will learn how to overcome a weight loss plateau. It can be very frustrated you are not far away from your ideal body and then your metabolism slows down. This is normal and overcoming a weight loss plateau is not that difficult at all if you know how. Always be committed to your goals and you will see results very soon.

Focus on fat loss, not on weight loss Losing fat should be your goal and not just weight. Nope this is not a playing with words there is a big difference between fat loss and weight loss. Perhaps you are on a diet right now but this does not work for long term fat loss. In fact most of the weight you lose while being on a diet is pure water loss. And it gets even worse there is a great change that you lose lean muscle mass as well. And muscles are very important to burn fat.

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Do more frequent aerobic workouts You may have read that doing cardiovascular exercises three times per week is a good way to burn your excessive body fat. This is true if you are a beginner or someone who does it for health performance. If you want to double your fat loss you will have to work twice. That mean instead of doing three times per week fat loss do it five, six or even seven times per week.

Do not rely on three big meals Most of us are eating three major meals each day because we were taught to do it this way. However our bodies are not designed to eat a lot and then being without food for five, six or even seven hours. Control your portions but eat at least every three waking hours.

One food will not make you lean Perhaps you have hit a weight loss plateau because your diet consist of only one food type of only one macronutrient type. Keep in mind that you need to eat six small meals each day. However yoghurt, low-fat cheese or a piece of fruit are healthy. But they are snack and not meals. An example of a well balanced healthy but still small meal could be. One piece of grapefruit, oatmeal and broccoli.

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