Weight Loss Supplements - Know Your Tool to Help You Free From Obesity

Weight Loss Supplements is not something I normally suggest to overweight people since a long term aimed healthy diet typically is the best answer. However, if you are obese and need something to complement your diet program in order to achieve fast weight loss, you can use helps from weight loss supplements.

There are various types of weight loss supplements, including fat blockers and appetite suppressants. These two are popular type of weight loss supplements that largely used by many overweight people.

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How does it work?
For fat blockers, let's take an example: Xenical; it is a fat blocker supplement that highly recommended by the medical community. Xenical works by interfering lipases enzymes, an enzyme that broke down dietary fats. This interference causes the enzymes no longer available to hydrolyze dietary fat into an absorbable state. As a result, up to 33% dietary fats will pass through unchanged.

For appetite suppressants instance, Reductil is one of the most commonly used; it is works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain, prevents noradrenaline and serotonin from being reabsorbed back into the nerve cells. This cause you to feel full even when you eat less than usual, it also control appetite between meals.

Side Effects
If you using weight loss supplements of any kind, there are always side effects to deal with. Flatulence, headache, and dizziness are some of the inconvenience but not dangerous side effects; the others such as allergic reaction and irregular heartbeat can be very disturbing. Remember that while some people can deal with these kinds of side effects, others who have special circumstances such as pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, have heart problem, or depression may receive greater impact, so prior consultation is a must.

The proper way to use weight loss supplementsRemember that some of these supplements are doctor recommended and must only be used by an obese person (there is minimal BMI for this, for example >30kg/m2), so if you want to take one as a complement to your regular diet, read the instruction carefully so you don't pick the wrong supplements. Stick to the recommended dose; this will keep the side effects occurrence to minimal. Make sure you pay attention to the contraindications information; you may have hypersensitivity to some components in it or taking other drugs that contraindicated with the product. If the second problem is the case, the solution is making a gap of minimal 2 hours between taking each drug; consult your doctor for this matter. Using the supplements only WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM INSTANTLY; you still need to complement it with a good diet. For example: Reductil is best used in conjunction with low calorie diet. Some drug will cause blood pressure increasing in certain people, so blood pressure monitoring is required in some case. If it happen, the solution are reduce the dose or discontinuing the medication. Most of the available weight loss supplements that approved by Food and Drug Administration are short term use, just a few weeks or months; if you plan to use it on the long term period, consult your doctor before. There are cases reported that at some point, some people develop tolerance for the medication. Usually, this happen after 6 months usage. Except Xenical, all prescription medications to treat obesity are "controlled substances" which means you need to have doctor's supervision while taking it to avoid addiction, so pick your choice wisely and use it with caution.
Using weight loss supplements to treat obesity must be done with caution and complement a good diet. Depending of what kind of supplement you will take, you need to do a little research on it and collect information about the right way to use it.

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