Fast Weight Loss Through Diet, Lifestyle and Exercise

Fast weight loss and weight gain are subjects that cut across cultures, ages, genders and even geographies. Every passing era has an ideal `look' which can be dangerously thin or uncomfortably voluptuous. Just going through the blockbuster films of various places over the last 50 years will give you an idea of what I am talking about. There was greater pressure on women earlier to conform to the latest `stereotype' but lately men have begun to feel it too. It was and continues to be an arduous task for those that have to do it as part of their work as models and actors. Actors specially are required to put on weight and lose it as per requirements of the role. But ordinary people like us don't have any such demands on us. The demands are what we make on ourselves - demands that are sometimes unreasonable. This article talks about learning to identify, reach and maintain our ideal body shape and structure through fast weight loss.

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Every body shape is different and all the exercise and miracle cures of the world cannot change that. Therefore it is best to accept that any fitness regime is about making you look the best you can and not turning you into your current role model. It is unreasonable and dangerous to punish your body for not being a certain type. Take heart in the knowledge that there is no perfect body type - this concept is ever changing. Then embrace the 3 principles of success: Simple Diet, Healthy Lifestyle and Regular Exercise! Without any one of these three, you cannot achieve or maintain your ideal body weight or structure or have fast weight loss.

It is important to know that the body is an intelligent machine programmed to stay at its ideal weight - The weight that allows it to perform optimally. If you are not at this weight, it is because you are preventing the body from reaching it. So actually weight loss (or gain) should not be very hard - the trick is to learn to listen to what your body needs. Eating when you are hungry and not eating when you are not is the first and most basic principle that everybody gets wrong. We treat food as everything except what it is - fuel for our daily functions. We use it as comfort when we are sad, entertainment when we are bored and then wonder why we are fat. The second principle is a healthy lifestyle. The stomach and mind stay connected only when we treat our bodies with respect. Insufficient sleep, irregular meal times and multitasking while eating are just some of the many lifestyle crimes that most of us are guilty of. What we don't realize is that they throw our body's metabolism off gear making us store more fat that we need. The last of the three principles is exercise. `Use is or lose it' is what someone said. Nothing can better describe the value of exercise. We need to engage in at least some form of moderate activity to ensure that we have fast weight loss.

Incorporating the three principles of fitness in your life will ensure that your body reached its optimal weight through fast weight loss.

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